Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Habitat for Humanity of the Greater La Crosse Region to protect the privacy of our staff, volunteers, homeowners, customers, and donors. Therefore, we will not give, share, lend, or sell our mailing lists or contact information to any business, individual, or organization regardless of the intended purpose.

If a request is made from anyone outside of our organization for the phone number, address, or email address of anyone affiliated with our organization it is our policy to deny the request. We will offer to provide the requester’s contact information to the person they are trying to reach for that person to respond, at their discretion.

If the request is made for contact information for our Board of Directors, we will direct the requester to the President of the Board or the Executive Director.

If the request is made for contact information for our staff, we will direct the requestor to his/her official Habitat email address and phone number.

An exception will be made if the request is for contact information for any of our subcontractors or vendors, in those instances we will provide the information.

If there is any question as to whether the information can or should be released, the request should be directed to the Executive Director.