At Habitat, we want to create vibrant, healthy communities that people want to live in. ​We believe that caring for the environment goes hand-in-hand with building quality housing. We envision a Driftless Region with healthy land, clean water, and resilient neighborhoods that can prosper for generations to come.

In early 2023​, we announced the creation of the Sustainability Department. Why now? For many years, we've chosen to reduce waste and energy use across our programs. The new department is a firm commitment to sustainability - both in our community programs AND our internal business practices. Explore our current projects and partnerships below.

In all areas of our work, we aim to reduce our waste, choose renewable energy, and lower our carbon footprint.

Here's how we're doing it:

  • Our ReClaim program salvages usable materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

  • The ReStore offers low-cost, secondhand tools and materials, reducing our need for purchasing new products.

  • ReNew the Block brings a range of stormwater mitigation and landscaping projects to a single city block.

  • Our La Crosse ReStore and office building features a solar array and water-friendly landscaping.

  • Sustainability staff provide outreach and education services to organizations working on the most critical environmental issues in our region.

Partner Family

“I took a chance to try and change my boys' life. They deserve to have a place to call their own, that will remain theirs. And most importantly a chance at feeling what it is like to just have a home. Something we all never thought we would experience.”

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Environmental Impact & Partnerships

Here at Habitat for Humanity of the Greater La Crosse Region, sustainable practices are embedded in all our programs. It is our responsibility to care for what we have and ensure a resilient, healthy La Crosse region for future generations by restoring our land, water, and communities also with help form our partners.