922 6th Street S, La Crosse

Property Details:​

  • Rehabilitation starting in Fall 2021
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms

Meet the Family

Andrea has always wanted a home for her and her two sons, Braxton (age 6) and Jamison (age 4).

Andrea and her kids currently live in a very small apartment with a yard that her kids cannot play in. The home is unsafe for two small children, with exposed wiring, leaking windows, and strange smells. Andrea pays over 30% of her gross monthly income on her rent, stating, “I pay a very high price for something that isn’t going to be mine in the future.”

Andrea had always dreamed of having a place she could call her own. Andrea shares, “When I think about a home; I think about love, family, laughter, growth and having a place where you feel safe. I wanted them to have a place where they could grow up in for many years and be able to know that the house we lived in was our home because we shared all our memories, laughs, tears, and everything in between in that home together as a family. Our home is wherever we are together but having our own house would bring us so much happiness.”

Andrea is so excited to be working alongside volunteers to rehabilitate her new home. “I am so excited to work with the volunteers and for them to be a part of making my dreams come true. I love that I will be able to spend time and get to know them. I know that there will be so much love poured into building this home and that's what a home is all about!”

Andrea and her family will complete 350 sweat equity hours working alongside Habitat staff and volunteers to remodel her home. When the home is complete, she will purchase the home from Habitat for the full appraised value utilizing a 0% interest loan. Andrea will pay full property taxes and homeowner’s insurance on the home.

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922 6th habitat family