Partner Family Stories

Marcelina Jose & Family

1109 E Wilson St,

  • New construction
  • First Trempealeau County home
  • Workforce housing project
  • $27,000 in funding from Pilgrims, where future homeowner is employed
  • First solar project in partnership with Focus on Energy and MREA
  • Focus on diversity and inclusivity

Marcelina knows a new home will be a life-changing opportunity for her and her five children: Leanni, Brianna, Jonathan, Christopher, and Ericsson.

Marcelina currently lives in a small apartment that is not big enough for her family. Brothers and sisters are doubled- and tripled-up. When the weather is bad, there’s nowhere to play and get the pent-up energy out. Water damage is visible and carries a musty odor throughout the apartment. She also pays a large portion of her monthly income for housing that just does not work.

Marcelina loves living in Arcadia. She has a steady job, and she works hard. She has an amazing group of friends. This makes for a great community to raise her family. She is now in a place to be financially comfortable owning a home, so when Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area announced they were looking for a homeowner for their first home in Arcadia, she jumped at the chance.

Being a homeowner is a dream come true for Marcelina and her family. When seeing the plans for her home for the first time, Marcelina could hardly believe it was real. Right now, the family is more than ready to jump right it and get started building their forever home.

Marcelina and her family will complete 350 sweat equity hours working alongside Habitat staff and community volunteers to build her home. When the home is complete, she will purchase the home from Habitat for the full appraised value utilizing a 0% interest loan. Marcelina will pay full property taxes and homeowner’s insurance on the home.