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Treasure in the wall: A ReClaim discovery

Habitat La Crosse’s ReClaim program salvages usable from construction and remodeling projects that would otherwise end up in landfills. This is a totally FREE service to individuals and businesses in our service region. Through ReClaim, we support sustainability and provide low-cost building materials for our community.

Every now and then, a treasure appears during a salvage project. Read on for a story from a ReClaim project in Onalaska.


Prior to starting a kitchen remodel, a local family brought our ReClaim team in to salvage materials from their Onalaska house. They said:

"A friend of ours had reached out and shared information about the ReClaim program after we made a post on Facebook asking for help with our kitchen demo for our total remodel. We were so excited that the service was free and the materials could be donated and reused or recycled instead of just thrown away!”

As for our ReClaim team? The homeowner says, “We HIGHLY recommend them. Friendly, efficient, super thoughtful and respectful of our home and our time.”

This particular project uncovered a hidden treasure. At the house, ReClaim supervisor Adam found “a super cool 1974 Bluegrass Banjo sound sheet.”

“We decided to frame it and use as décor for my husband's band space."


How cool?! We love to learn about the oddities uncovered during a home renovation project.

So, how does the ReClaim program work? It's pretty easy to make your project happen:

  1. Property owner submits a ReClaim Request Form to Habitat staff
  2. ReClaim staff inspect property to plan for ReClaim project
  3. ReClaim staff and volunteers carefully remove usable materials
  4. Salvaged items are brought to the ReStore or used in Habitat homes
  5. Profit from ReStore sales goes directly to fund Habitat home construction

We salvage more items that you might think. To date, our ReClaim program has collected usual suspects like flooring, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, windows, doors, toilets, and sinks. But you might be surprised to know we've also salvaged things like lockers, antique tools, vintage dishware, barnwood, and so much more.

Before you embark on your home renovation project, get in touch with our ReClaim team. You never know what we might find.

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Darshida has been working to become a homeowner for years. She is a passionate nurse, a dedicated mother to four boys, and a longtime La Crosse resident. After years of hard work and unforeseen obstacles, Darshida and her family moved into their new home in spring 2023.

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